About Pino

Pino’s personalised service offers many years of experience in cutting, colouring and styling, with a combination of colour brand knowledge and the latest techniques, Messina Hair Studio offers a total in hair experience.

Pino’s hairdressing career began in 1983, with an apprenticeship at Hair by Cordony. After his apprenticeship, he moved to David Jones Hair Salons (Glemby International), and then opened his own business, settling at Images in Ashfield for a period of 10 years.

Keen to pursue other interests in the hair industry, Pino joined a well known professional hair brand. His interest also led to a short stint in the hospitality industry. His passion for hair led him back into the salon, and a realisation of a dream to once again own his own.  

Messina Hair Studio was created in April 2012.  The large premises offers clients comfort and familiarity.  A concept ‘Studio Lounge’ is available for those who prefer a quieter environment, where they can read the latest magazine or even catch up on some work, while enjoying an espresso and biscotti. 


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